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lololol is a boundless laughter, an endless extension of lol (laugh out loud), an acronym that appears to be constructed by the building blocks of I-Ching and/or computer code. lololol is a hearty release amidst interchanging states of existing and non-existing, emptiness and substance, industrial and mystical, without resistance or submission to any singular logic or assumption, to respond to the world with an evolving vibration that spreads across the seas. Founded by artists Xia Lin and Ficus S in 2013.

「lololol」是循環的笑聲,0與1構成無盡陰陽變化,同時演示電腦語言的基礎脈動。lololol時而喜出望外、暗自竊喜、或喜怒不形於色。lololol 悠遊於虛實之間的地平線上,不受限於制定的文化邏輯或角色扮演,時而發出的滄海一聲笑。

Future Tao is an ongoing development of Taoist-informed practices for mind and body cultivation. Inspired by Taiwanese park culture, we explore a fluid field of new and old cosmologies, their corresponding technologies, and the ontology of public spaces in  contemporary times.

「未來道」(Future Tao)是由lololol發起的藝術項目,關注道思想的身心技術以及今日修行的意義和想像。此項目最初靈感來自於台灣的公園武術文化,藝術家林亭君雀榕參與團體太極晨練、與社區民眾交流,探究古今科技技術如何共生,傳統道家的養生方法和當代科技生活互相融合。我們開始思考,數位科技時代的養生方式以及都市公共空間中的各種流動。

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