Wafer Bearer Deep Rain, 2022video installation with sound, 12’16“

PressureField, 2022UV print on wood panel, hand-carve, 90x45cm

FeintButterfly, 2022digital video, loop, sound installation dimensions variable
Future Tao: The Great Shift, 2021VR 360 with sound, control, digital print, gray carpet, dimensions variable
BreathCultivating, 2020
4K video, exciter, dimensions variable
3C Xing Yi Quan: Program, 2020looped video, sound, mixed media, dimensions variable

Fractal Memory, 2019
damaged hard drives, recycled plastic pellets, multimedia sound installatio, dimensions variable

Future Tao: Inner Scripture, 2018 to Present
website, mixed media, workshop activities, dimensions variable

Future Tao: City Park, 2019
map, site-specific guided walks & workshop, maps, dimensions variable
Future Tao: Workout, 2018-2019workshop activities & live exhibitions
dimensions variable

JPG file, video installation with sound
Distraction Improvement Class, 2013
a series of 4 interactive web pages

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