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Local community performance, 2015

As an experimental exchange between offline and online music cultures, Vaporwave DJ “Big Dog G Mobile Satellite Car Service” remixes 3 Taiwanese 80’s pop classics, handpicked by the CCU Folkdance Group. The dancers will then perform these remixed songs with specially choreographed dance.
Direction and Installation: Xia Lin, Fhyolo, Sheryl Cheung, Yuan Yuan, Dancer: CCU Folk Dance Group, Dancer Teacher: Yu Yen Kao Music Remix: Jumby Taxi, VJ: Fhyolo, Host: Yuan Yuan, Light Design: Yi kuo, Graphic Design: Fhyolo, Photography: A-Chi, Technical Support: Yin Wen Lin, Ke Hsun Chen. Special Thanks: Shi Chao Lai

@ Musem of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan. 2015