Actions for the Earth    (upcoming)

2023.06.02 − 2023.09.03 (Group Exhibition, curated by Sharmila Wood)
Contemporary at Blue Star, San Antonio, TX, USA 

Primal Chaos - Season 7, Episode 5 / Sheryl Cheung

2023.03.15 (A collaborative improvisatory performance with Dancer Ci-Yi Jian)
Horse Dance Theatre, Taipei, TW

Mediums and Messengers
2023.02.16 − 2023.03.17 (Group Exhibition, curated by Danni Shen)
Bannister Gallery, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, USA

Multispecies Cloud / Sheryl Cheung

2022.12.27 − 2023.04.16 (Group Exhibition, curated by Bei-Chen Yang)
Macalline Art Center, Beijing, CN

The Proto-ocean for Co-consciousness
2022.11.05 − 2023.01.29 (Group Exhibition, curated by Yi-Cheng Sun)
Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Taipei, TW

7 Bodies & Talking Sea 
2022.10.26 − 11.07 (Field Research & Workshop Activities, curated by Esther Lu)
Multidisciplinary Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, TH

Cosmic Assemblages: On Moving Image Ecologies
2022.09.12 − 09.16 (Workshop Activities, Organized by George Clark)
Nordland Art and Film School, Lofoten, NO

Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance (ADAM)
2022.08.01 − 08.28 (Field Research, Workshop Activities and Performance, curated by River Lin and Anchi Chiwas)
Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taipei, TW

3C Xing Yi Quan Develop Workshop #28 / Xia Lin
2022.07.23 (Workshop event part of Exhibition ”Body Cosmos, The Art of Living Together”, curated by Bing-Feng Dong)
XieZilongPhotography Museum, Changsha, CN

Tides in the Body
2022.05.21 − 07.16 (Group Exhibition, curated by Hung-Fei Wu)
Solid Art, Taipei, TW

Moon Salt
2022.04.15 − 04.17 (Workshop Activities & Live Exhibition, curated by Esther Lu)
Vernacular Institute, Mexico City, MX

Solid Art 2nd Anniversary Exhibition
2022.02.16 − 03.26 (Group Exhibition, curated by Hung-Fei Wu)
Solid Art, Taipei TW

Art, Technology, and Philosophy (I) Departing from the Microcosmos
2021.12.07 − 12.09 (Workshop Activities, Performance and ArtistTalk, organized by Media Lab Curator Wu Jianru and Professor Yuk Hui)
Media Lab & Research Network for Philosophy and Technology, Times Museum, Guangdong, CN

Dear Block Chen
2021.11.20 − 2022.01.15 (Group Exhibition, curated by Feng-Yi Chu)
Solid Art Gallery, Taipei, TW

Twinning Archipelago
2021.08.16 − 11.16 (Residencies, Organized by Rikey Tenn)
Digital Art Foundation (DAF) Nusantara Archive, TW

The Turn of the Fifth Age
2021.02.26 − 03.28 (Group Exhibition, curated by Esther Lu, Heru Hikayat and Shih-yu Hsu)
Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, ID

Cross-Dimension Transmission
2020.11.11 − 12.06 (Group Exhibition, curated by Feng-yi Chu)
Kaohsiung Main Public Library, Kaohsiung, TW

Surface Habitat, Is(o)Land Bar
2020.09.04 − 09.06 (Performance)
Taipei Arts Festival, Taipei, TW

Sun Moon Lake is a Concrete Box
2020. 07.31 − 08.01 (Expanded Cinema)
Taipei Arts Festival, Taipei, TW

Sensory Yoga
2020.03.05 − 06.29 (Group Exhibition, curated by Hsiao-Yu Lin)
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, TW

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