Future Tao: The Great Shift


VR 360 with sound, installation

This work is supported by Nusantara Archive, Ministry of Culture Taiwan at different stages from 2021 to 2022

《未來道:乾坤大挪移》 是一個新武術敘事的網路現場,源自在新冠狀病毒疫情期間的身體、權力和新技術之間,開啟大轉換(The Great Shift)的變動關係。 lololol 延續2017年所發展的 「未來道」(Future Tao)計畫,重新詮釋當代語境裡的道家科技論以及身心技術。

此計畫以探索印尼電影導演迪亞古蘇馬(D. Djajakusuma, 1918-1987)於1958年所創作的黑白電影《火鞭》(Tjambuk Api)為起點,回應電影中的技術物的隱喻,以及地方智慧傳統儀式的新時代寓意和想像。

Future Tao: The Great Shift is a new virtual martial arts narrative that responds to the changing relationship of “the Great Shift” between the body, power and new technology during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. It continues the project Future Tao launched by art collective lololol in 2017 and re-imagines the Taoist mind and body techniques through contemporary context.

The project takes inspiration from Indonesian Director D. Djajakusuma's 1958 film "Fire Whip" as a creative starting point to explore the periodic meaning of technological objects/users/local knowledge in the Malay archipelago culture.

Future Tao: The Great Shift (2021)
The Great Shift, Script PDF (2022)

Reasach Article  http://www.heath.tw/nml-article/future-tao-the-great-shift/?lang=en
Artist Talk  https://www.youtube.com/live/CeVgIgUyDSM?feature=share (begins at 43:55)
Interviews  https://lololol.net/interviews_Tgs

Installation View of Future Tao: The Great Shift, 2021, Photo: ANPIS FOTO


Documentation of Future Tao: The Great Shift: Workshop, 2022. Photo Courtesy Vernacular Institute and Moss Piglets.