Future Tao: The Great Shift

360 Web Site, 2021

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"Future Tao: The Great Shift" is a new virtual martial arts narrative that responds to the fast changing relationship between the body, power, and new technology during the covid epidemic. The project takes inspiration from Indonesian director D. Djajakusuma's 1958 film "Fire Whip" as a creative starting point to explore the periodic meaning of technological objects/users/local knowledge in the Malay archipelago culture. Depending on real-time electric consumption data, viewers enter different energy scenes of the virtual narrative. (For best experience, visit the project with Chrome browser and headphones.)

《未來道:乾坤大挪移》源自在新冠狀病毒疫情期間的身體、權力和新技術之間,開啟大轉換(The Great Shift)的變動關係。此項目以印尼導演迪亞古蘇馬(D. Djajakusuma)1958年的電影《火鞭》為創作起點,探索群島文化中對於技術物 / 使用者 / 地方智慧傳統儀式中的時代寓意,對應現今的社會趨勢,重新建構出新武俠敘事的網路現場。

 依照今日「台灣電力公司即時電力供需資訊」進入三種不同場景。
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 創作調研文章:http://www.heath.tw/nml-article/future-tao-the-great-shift/

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