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Future Tao: City Park

Guided walks and activities specially tailored to each neighborhood city park. Encountering the designed landscape, its original intentions and the eventual cultures that have sprouted upon its framework, we consider the park as a reflection of contemporary lifestyle. The project draws from lololol’s archive of self-cultivation techniques contributed by a vast group of thinkers and creators.


Future Tao: City Park #4
《未來道:實景遊園 國立臺灣美術館》

Participating Artists: TEIHAKU, Fong Han-Yu, HEAVY BREATHING, Sheryl Cheung, Xia Lin
Dates|3.21.2020, Sensory Yoga
Venue | National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

Our latest iteration of “Future Tao: City Park” took place in the outdoor plaza and park of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. As an extension of our work “# SiliconValley" and "3C Xing Yi Quan: Program," now on view in the museum, we led participants on an hour-long walk through a virtual computer system. Using audio guidance, messaging, development and research, and listening activities, we visited many well-known technology attractions, such as "anti-virus software", "server", "update services," "crisis management,' and engaged with the themes of “flow” and “distancing” through activity and discussion. In these special times, we hope to respond to our relationship with the environment through collective connection.


延續lololol在國美館展出的「# 矽谷」和「3C形意拳:程式」,我們將帶領觀眾遊走美術館的戶外園景,透過導覽、傳信息、開發、聆聽等方式引導大家進入一個虛擬電腦程序。路途中探訪許多知名的科技景點,包括「計算程式」「防毒軟體」、「服務器」、「更新服務」等空間,並開放有關「隔離/流通」的討論和活動。希望在這段特殊的時候藉由集體的聯繫,回應我們和環境的關係。

Future Tao: City Park #3
《未來道:實景遊園 之 貝里克城牆公園》

Participating Artists: Dino, Grashina Gabelmann, Nigel Brown, Sheryl Cheung, Xia Lin
Dates|9.19.2019, 15th Berwick Film & Media Festival
Venue | Berwick Castle Wall Park, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, UK

參與藝術家|廖銘和、葛拉斯納 ‧ 布格伯曼、奈鳩 ‧ 布朗、張欣、林亭君

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 2019, photo by Erika Stevenson

Future Tao: City Park #2
《未來道:實景遊園 之 世界文化宮》

Artists|Eteam, Fong Han-Yu, IDPW, Son Ni, Sheryl Cheung, Xin Cheng, Xia Lin
Dates|8.31.2019, Flaneur Festival
Venue|Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany

藝術家|Eteam、鳳漢玉、IDPW、Son Ni、張欣、陳昕、林亭君

Future Tao: City Park #1
《未來之道:實景遊園 之 國父紀念館》

Artists | Fong Han-Yu, Itaru Ouwan, Sheryl Cheung, Xia Lin, Yi Xian Healthy Group
Dates | 8.12.2019, Pro Helvetia Seminar
Venue|National Dr.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan



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