Double Ghosts x Future Tao

未來道 x 雙影

Expanded Cinema, Live Performance

A collaboration Project with UK based artist George Clark. Special thanks to Animist Apparatus
A four day program of participatory park walks, workshops, and performances in Berwick, UK—on the border of England and Scotland, it was a site connected to borders of existing and non-existing, as Clark put it.

Here we encountered a spotted sycamore tree undergoing seasonal change, an old film projector and collectable sound machines, the resonance of a cobblestone tunnel, machine inspired movements with film professionals, body mapping in a gym-turned gallery space, and a night of experimental film, sound, movement and readings indoors and outdoors on a brilliantly dark night.  



Performance documentation from Double Ghosts x Future Tao, The Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick, UK  
Photo Courtesy Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival (Photo by Erika Stevenson)

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