JPG file, video installation with sound
We began the MAKE_A_WISH.JPG project on Jeju Island, where people wish upon stones and stack them up towards the sky. we would like to re-create this act of 'wish piling' online. Encrypt all prayers into a digital image, experimenting on the digital weight of human will.

This 'impassioned' computer file encrypted with wishes made by 112 friends from all over the cyber and real world. Over a course of two months we collected wishes through open call and physical wishing stations. The resulting wish compilation reveals telling stories of happiness and pain, love and hate, struggles and expectations and vision of the future.


這是一個“充滿熱情”的電腦文件檔案,在兩個月的時間裡,透過公開徵集與實體的許願收集站,MAKE_A_WISH.JPG 以編碼的方式注入了112位來自各方朋友的願望,每個願望中藏著各種快樂與煩惱、愛恨掙扎、以及對未來的期許。


lololol, Make_A_Wish.JPG, 2016, JPG file, video installation with sound, Courtesy of the Artist

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