Tides in the Body

21.May - 12.Jul.2022
Solid Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Moon Salt

15-17 Apr Live exhibition 2022
Vernacular Institute, Mexico

Art, Technology, and Philosophy (I) Departing from the Microcosmos

18.Dec.2021, 19.Dec.2021
Times Museum Media Lab & Research Network for Philosophy and Technology

Dear Block Chen

20.Nov.2021 - 15.Jan.2022
Solid Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Twinning Archipelago

1.Jul.2021 - 21.Nov.2021
Digital Art Foundation (DAF) Nusantara Archive

Never Offline

1.Oct.2021, 8.Oct.2021
Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taiwan

The Turn of the Fifth Age

26.Feb.2021 - 28.March.2021
Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia

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